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Marche (Towa Kogu Store)

Mon 08:00 ~ 21:30
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周日 08:00 ~ 21:30
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Marche is a supermarket featuring fresh foods and Japanese quality and service. Currently, there are two locations in Shanghai: one next to the Japanese school in Pudong and one in the Hongqiao Tianshan district.

The spacious interior is packed with safe and delicious products carefully selected by the owner, from fresh foods to Japan-imported seasonings, snacks, food products, frozen foods and everyday necessities. The fresh vegetables and meats available are the pride of the shop and come highly recommended. The vegetables are organic and free of fertilizers. The beef is imported from Australia and available sliced like in Japan. For those from Japan, it is nice to be able to purchase Japanese-style meat, which is often difficult to find in China.

Also recommended are the dishes selected and supervised by staff members who hold Japanese nutritional certifications. With features such as New Year’s dishes available during the New Year, sakura mochi cakes in March and kashiwa mochi cakes in May, visitors can access traditional seasonal Japanese dishes in China throughout the year. Recently, advertising and online delivery services using the WeChat platform have also been added.



此外,首推由持有日本营养师资格的员工制作的副食品。新年有御节料理 (日式年菜),3月份有樱叶糕团,5月份有槲叶糕团,花了心思让一整年在中国的人也可以感受到日本的四季。这家超市最近也开始在微信上做广告,并提供网购服务。

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