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台北精米所 三代目俵屋玄兵衛 TAWARAYA

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The existence of Tawaraya plays a central role in the ability of Japanese restaurants in Taiwan to provide delicious rice-based dishes. Although the Japanese rice being sold outside Japan is generally high-quality rice, occasionally time would pass after the rice was polished when it made it to these markets. In this instance, the price of the rice did not necessarily reflect its quality. Tawaraya’s owner, Mr. Tomohiro Deguchi from Hokkaido, saw this as a problem. He began his overseas rice-polishing mills with the desire to contribute his services to local Japanese restaurants in the area by bringing in rice from Japan in its most flavorful condition. He has opened mills in Hong Kong and Singapore before the Taiwan location opened in 2013. He also opened a store in Hawaii in 2016.

Importing brown rice from Japan, in its unpolished state, allows for maintaining stable quality. This rice is polished and delivered only after an order has been placed, and the lustrous shine of the rice and the sweetness tasted upon chewing are completely different compared to existing varieties. In Taiwan, it is customary to place side dishes on top of rice and eat them in the same bite; the idea of eating plain white rice by itself did not exist. It seems that many Taiwanese people first came to understand the sweetness and umami of rice itself as a standalone dish thanks to Tawaraya’s freshly polished rice. Apparently, there were even customers who were so impressed by the flavor of this rice when cooked that they took pictures of it to send back to the shop.

The rice for sale at Tawaraya is mainly sourced from Hokkaido, perhaps because it is the birthplace of Mr. Deguchi, Customers can find varieties such as Yumepirika (2kg NT$600/5kg NT$1,460/10kg NT$2,850) and Nanatsuboshi (2kg NT$490/5kg NT$1,185/10kg NT$2,310) here. What’s more, he has also rented a rice field in Ina City, Nagano Prefecture and is working on developing his own original, naturally cultivated rice there. Wholesale quantities for restaurants and retail sale for use in general households are available in the area as well. Currently, this can only be ordered online.

在台灣的日本料理店能吃到美味米粒煮成的白飯,絕不能忽略「俵屋玄兵衛」的貢獻。雖然海外銷售的日本米多半要價不菲,但碾米後存放已久,價格和品質之間的平衡未必稱得上合理。北海道出身的老闆出口友洋先生便將這一點視為問題。為了實現對日本飲食有所貢獻的理念,以及在最美味狀態下售出日本米的願景,開始在海外設置精米所(碾米廠)。繼香港、新加坡之後,台北精米所於 2013 年開幕,2016 年更展店至夏威夷。


本店所銷售的米,主要是出口先生的出身地北海道所生產的米。商品包括「夢美人」(2kg NT$600、5kg NT$1,460、10kg NT$2,850)、「七星」(2kg NT$490、5kg NT$1,185、10kg NT$2,310)等等。另外,俵屋玄兵衛也在長野縣伊那市長谷地區租地種稻,持續開發自然栽培的獨家米種。此外,本店不僅將日本米批發給餐廳等單位,也零售給一般家庭,但目前僅接受網路訂單。

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