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九州鬆餅咖啡(Kyushu Pancake Cafe)松菸店

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Pancakes are booming all over the world. In Taiwan, their popularity is being driven by Kyushu Pancake Cafe, a restaurant that uses ingredients from Kyushu. Kyushu Pancake Cafe opened its first store in Taiwan in 2015, in Taipei’s popular Fujin Street area. At present, there is also a Songyan store near Songshan Cultural as well as the Creative Park Kyushu Pancake Kitchen, where customers can make their own pancakes in the Minsheng area. The shop interiors have been designed by a Japanese designer around the concept of “being able to eat delicious pancakes made from safe Japanese ingredients in a Japanese atmosphere without having to go to Japan.”

The flour used at Kyushu Pancake Cafe is all produced in Kyushu. The ingredients are sourced from different places: red glutinous rice from Fukuoka, pressed barley germ from Saga, glutinous millet from Nagasaki, purple rice from Kumamoto, non-glutinous rice from Kagoshima, and germinated brown rice from Miyazaki. Cane sugar from Okinawa and Kagoshima are also used. The pancakes contain no additives, aromatic chemicals, emulsifiers, swelling agents, or modified starch. When asking the general manager, Kelvin Tsai, about the reason he opened the store in Taiwan, he gave a very clear answer: “I tried the pancakes in Japan and they tasted great.” He also mentioned his support of “the idea of using good agricultural products from Kyushu and looking after the farmers” as one of the reasons for opening the store in Taiwan.

Popular in the Taipei stores is the Kyushu matcha tiramisu pancake (NT$300). Handmade matcha syrup and ice cream are served on top of a stack of three fluffy, moist pancakes. The matcha is from Koyamado in Uji, Kyoto. With a vibrant green color and a taste that is not overly sweet, this gentle, safe ingredient is just perfect for a quiet brunch or tea time in Taiwan.



在台北的店裡大受歡迎的餐點是「九州抹茶提拉米蘇鬆餅」 (NTD300)。在堆疊著3層蓬鬆濕潤的現烤鬆餅,上頭再點綴上手工製作的抹茶糖漿與冰淇淋。抹茶來自京都宇治的小山堂,外觀呈現十分華麗的抹茶綠。如此不死甜且味道溫和,又令人很放心的食材,最適合在平靜愜意的早午餐和下午茶時光品嘗。

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