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Pekoe opened in 2002 as one of Taiwan’s first boutiques specializing in food. The store was founded by Ms. Yilan Ye, a well-known Taiwanese food and lifestyle writer, in order to bring together “great things” from around the world that she has “actually eaten, used, and loved” and present them to the people of Taiwan.

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These days, similar stores can be found all over the country, but it was Pekoe that first brought attention to food safety and the beauty of food in Taiwan. Ms. Ye, her partners, and their staff use their unique sensibilities to select items. Safety testing is performed in-house, and the store only deals in products that can be offered with confidence.
Made-in-Japan items account for a large proportion of the lineup at Pekoe. How are people in Taiwan using tea from Uji, Kyoto, or kombu and seasonings from Japan such as shio koji (salted rice malt) and yuzu kosho (a paste made from yuzu zest and chili peppers)?
“Taiwanese people love hot pots. It’s well known here that when you make a soup with kombu and eat it with kabosu (an Asian citrus fruit) and yuzu kosho, it’s delicious,” says Ms. Ye.

People from Taiwan often travel to Japan, but even though they make frequent use of sources like social media to gather information, the time they can devote to discovering and purchasing great products like these is limited while they are traveling. One of the advantages of Pekoe that really sets it apart is that it offers visitors the opportunity to purchase these products in Taiwan, without having to travel to Japan or otherwise spend too much time.

The store is located on Ren’ai Road, in the most affluent neighborhood in Taipei. With the aim of creating a regional general store that wasn’t too close to or too far away from a station, the proprietors spent a long time searching before choosing this location. Shipping within Taiwan is also available through the store’s online shop. The Pekoe name comes from orange pekoe, which is Ms. Ye’s favorite kind of black tea.



PEKOE的實體店舖坐落於台北市仁愛區,設址在頭號高級住宅區中一條幽靜的小巷內。聽說葉女士為了將店鋪定位成距離捷運站遠近適中的地區型雜貨舖,花費好長一段時間才尋得這個地點。網路商城則支援台灣國內宅配到府,而店名「PEKOE」的來由則取自葉女士喜愛的紅茶茶葉等級「Orange Pekoe」。

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