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寿司前川 Sushi Maekawa

Mon 17:30 ~ 00:00
Tue 17:30 ~ 00:00
Wed 17:30 ~ 00:00
Thu 17:30 ~ 00:00
Fri 17:30 ~ 00:00
Sat 17:30 ~ 00:00
Sun 17:30 ~ 00:00
1000 yuan
Takes Reservations
Accepts Credit Cards
周一 17:30 ~ 00:00
周二 17:30 ~ 00:00
周三 17:30 ~ 00:00
周四 17:30 ~ 00:00
周五 17:30 ~ 00:00
周六 17:30 ~ 00:00
周日 17:30 ~ 00:00
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Sushi Maekawa is a high-class sushi restaurant located in the Gubei area, where many Japanese restaurants can be found. It is popular as a restaurant providing some of the best nigiri sushi in Shanghai. The restaurant’s interior has been done in a pure Japanese style and includes eight counter seats, two tables, and private rooms which can be used for receptions or banquets. Everything is made of wood, and a relaxed wa (Japanese) atmosphere permeates the restaurant. The doors made of unfinished wood, round display windows, sliding screens adorned with charming pictures of cherry blossom leaves, and the lighting shining softly on the unfinished wood surfaces all work together to produce the restaurant’s wa atmosphere. This space allows customers to feel the warmth of the wood and produces a luxurious and high quality experience.

The restaurant, particular about the quality and freshness of its ingredients, receives shipments three times a week from Nagasaki, twice a week from Ehime, as well as shipments of fresh sanma (Pacific saury) from Hokkaido, using only the freshest seafood selected per season, flown in directly from Japan. The rice used here is imported from Hokkaido, Japan as well. The featured menu item here is their Maekawa Chirashi Sushi. The colorful chirashi sushi made wholeheartedly by Chef Maekawa, who is from Nagasaki, is popular with both Japanese and Chinese customers alike. The restaurant also sometimes provides golden-colored uni (sea urchin) eaten with yuzu pepper sauce on a bed of crispy, roasted nori seaweed and Iwagaki oysters 10 centimeters in diameter depending on the season. Chef Maekawa places great emphasis on the idea that freshness is everything. “The food of the day should be eaten that day.” His creed is that delicious food should be served in its freshest and best condition.

The sushi carefully crafted by Chef Maekawa has an established reputation, but the restaurant’s a la carte items are also all made with care, including the dashi soup stock, and another of the restaurant’s creeds is to cut corners under no circumstances. This restaurant is a great place for business receptions but is wonderful to visit individually as well.

高级寿司店前川位于聚集了众多日本料理店的古北地区。作为上海最好的手握寿司店而受到欢迎。纯和风的店内,共有吧台座位 8 个、餐桌 2 张、其他均为包间,聚餐和接待均可使用。店内全部采用木材装修,充满了和风的平静气氛。原色木料的门、圆形装饰窗、绘有可爱樱花花瓣的屏风、照在原色木料上的柔和的灯光,营造出和风的气氛。客人可以在感受木头温暖的空间中,奢侈地度过美好时光。

除此之外,前川还讲究食材的品质和新鲜度,每周三次从长崎、每周两次从爱媛、北海道采购新鲜秋刀鱼、使用应季精选空运的最新鲜的鲜鱼。大米也是从日本北海道进口而来。招牌菜是“前川散寿司”。来自长崎的前川师傅精心制作的丰富多彩的散寿司,无论在中国人还是日本人中都大受欢迎。松脆的烤海苔配上柚子胡椒调味的金色海胆,同时根据季节提供带壳、直径 10 厘米的岩牡蛎。前川师傅强调,食材贵在新鲜。将“当天食材当天吃”作为宗旨,为广大食客提供美食。


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