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築地 • 山貴水產市場Yamataka Seafood Market Hong Kong

2/F, Wanchai Ferry Pier, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
852 3974 5609
Mon 12:00 ~ 22:30
Tue 12:00 ~ 22:30
Wed 12:00 ~ 22:30
Thu 12:00 ~ 22:30
Fri 12:00 ~ 22:30
Sat 12:00 ~ 22:30
Sun 12:00 ~ 22:30
Takes Reservations
Accepts Credit Cards
2/F, Wanchai Ferry Pier, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
852 3974 5609
周一 12:00 ~ 22:30
周二 12:00 ~ 22:30
周三 12:00 ~ 22:30
周四 12:00 ~ 22:30
周五 12:00 ~ 22:30
周六 12:00 ~ 22:30
周日 12:00 ~ 22:30
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Located in Hong Kong Island’s Wan Chai Ferry Pier, Yamataka Seafood Market Hong Kong was created with the concept of allowing the sushi and sashimi lovers of Hong Kong a chance to experience the atmosphere of Japan’s Tsukiji Fish Market. The location’s market floor is split into four restaurant areas, including Sushi, Donburi, Hamayaki, and Lobster Roll, and five market zones, where customers can buy bento takeout, seafood products, dried goods and more.

The central attraction here is the tuna cutting show which takes place every Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and can’t be seen anywhere else in Hong Kong. The tuna used here is Miyabi-Maguro, which is said to be the most delicious variety of tuna. Professional tuna connoisseurs say that the highest grade of fatty tuna “creates a peak,” meaning that the flesh of the tuna stays firm thanks to the superior quality of the fat, and Miyabi-Maguro is a prime example of this. Customers can eat fresh tuna after the cutting show is over. The most popular menu items include otoro (high-grade fatty tuna), chutoro (medium fatty tuna), akami (lean meat), and the Premium Tuna Donburi with a full slab of tuna steak on top for customers who want it all. The food items here are brought in fresh daily from Tsukiji Market and other locations. Suppliers change somewhat by the season, but the kinmedai snapper found here is from Shizuoka Prefecture, and the tai snapper is from Ehime Prefecture.

40–50 varieties of Japanese sake are always available, and customers can purchase them both for immediate drinking in the restaurants or as bottles to take home. A unique area of the market is its Umeshu Corner. Nine varieties of umeshu (plum liqueur) from Wakayama are available here, and customers can try five different varieties with a tasting set.

The market’s interior design was created by the Japanese interior designer Akira Gondo. The flooring for the market uses the same material as the flooring found in Tsukiji Market in Japan. Fishermen nets and other articles brought in from Tsukiji can be found decorating the entrance to the market. The area above the sushi counter is covered in a wooden design made to resemble fish scales, and the area’s lighting produces an effect which makes it look as if the scales are moving.


在市場內,最引人注目的是每週五、六晚上7點半舉行的香港唯一的鮪魚解體秀。本市場所使用的是被認為最為美味的Miyabi鮪魚。擅長挑選鮪魚的專家在描述最頂級的鮪魚時,都會提到「魚肉的外型方正」,而Miyabi鮪魚正擁有此一特色。解體秀結束後,眾人便能享受到新鮮的鮪魚。能夠一次品嘗到大鮪魚腹、中鮪魚腹、赤身、蔥花鮪魚腹及鮪魚排等各種部位的尊享鮪魚丼(premium tuna donburi)是本市場的人氣菜單。每天使用來自築地市場或其他地區運送而來的新鮮食材,包含靜岡產的金目鯛、愛媛產的鯛魚等。因季節不同所選用的食材產地可能會有不同。


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