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先酒肴 Senn

No. 163, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City
02 2775 5090
Mon 18:00 ~ 01:00
Tue 18:00 ~ 01:00
Wed 18:00 ~ 01:00
Thu 18:00 ~ 01:00
Fri 18:00 ~ 01:00
Sat 18:00 ~ 01:00
Sun Closed
Accepts Credit Cards
Seafood Meat (Tonkatsu, Sukiyaki...) Izakaya (Pub, Sake)

Facing the tree-lined Dunhua South Road, Senn Sake Dining is a modern and relaxed setting for sake dining. It is famous for handling only varieties made in Japan, and all of its sake comes from Iwate Prefecture. Owner Micheal Kung is officially recognized by the Iwate prefectural government as an “Iwate Sake PR Advisor. ” The restaurant always has 40 kinds of Iwate sake available. Seasonal and fresh items, as well as new products are purchased in small quantities, and there is a fast turnover cycle.

No. 163, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City
02 2775 5090
周一 18:00 ~ 01:00
周二 18:00 ~ 01:00
周三 18:00 ~ 01:00
周四 18:00 ~ 01:00
周五 18:00 ~ 01:00
周六 18:00 ~ 01:00
周日 休息日
海鮮 肉類(炸豬排、壽喜燒......) 居酒屋

「Senn先酒肴」的店面正對綠意蔥蔥的敦化南路林蔭大道,是一間流露現代沉穩氛圍的日本酒餐廳。店內酒類均為日本産,並以專門提供眾多來自岩手縣的日本酒而聞名。店東孔德先(Micheal Kung)先生更是岩手縣廳公認的「岩手清酒宣傳顧問」。本店常備有40種岩手當地的酒,季節時令酒品或新商品均少量進貨,亦經常更替商品項目。

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The restaurant’s name “Senn” comes from one of the characters in Mr. Kung’s name and, meaning “first,” it conveys the idea that “firstly you have sake, then the food.” Taiwanese people who prefer to enjoy their food and their and sake separately, drop in after hearing rumors of the restaurant’s sake selection. Regular customers look forward to seeing which of Japan’s seasons will await them with their next Iwate sake.

There is a selection of sake, from a variety of breweries, made using the highest grade “Yui no Ka” sake rice, cultivated in Iwate Prefecture in order to make Daiginjo sake. When we asked, "Which sake do you recommend?" Mr. Kung looked puzzled, saying, “All of our sake is delicious, and all the sake breweries and their employees are good friends, so it is difficult to decide which one is the best. ” He added with a laugh, “Besides, each sake embodies the thoughts and the stories of its maker. There’s no end of things to talk about. ”

The restaurant takes great pride in its sashimi (NTD 680-1,280), made with fresh fish purchased every day from the port town of Keelung. It is the only place in Taiwan where you can eat Morioka Reimen Noodles (NTD 380). In winter, the Iwate specialty “Ika Tokkuri” (inquire about price) also appears on the menu. Feel free to ask for sake to go with the seasonal menu. Apart from sake, there is also wine from Iwate, Japanese whiskey, and shochu. The bar area surrounding the kitchen is a popular spot where you can look out at the night view of the arboreal street. Make sure to place your reservation before you head out.



店裡引以為傲的餐點有每天從基隆海港進貨的新鮮生魚片(680~1280元),以及台灣只有本店能夠吃到盛岡冷麵(380元)。冬天則會推出岩手縣的名產「烏賊德利」(價格未定)(譯註:將烏賊晒乾作成酒瓶狀,以此喝酒會散發出烏賊的鮮味, 喝完酒後,就可以直接成為盤中美食)。菜單隨季節更換並與酒作搭配,請您隨時上門嘗鮮。除了日本酒外,另為您提供岩手縣產的葡萄酒、日本威士忌以及燒酒等。吧檯區圍著廚房,因可欣賞林蔭大道的夜景而十分受到歡迎,趕緊預約前往吧。

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