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No. 301, Lequn 3rd Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City
02 8501 5800
Mon Closed
Tue Closed
Wed 11:30 ~ 14:30, 18:00 ~ 22:00
Thu 11:30 ~ 14:30, 18:00 ~ 22:00
Fri 11:30 ~ 14:30, 18:00 ~ 22:00
Sat 11:30 ~ 14:30, 18:00 ~ 22:00
Sun 11:30 ~ 14:30, 18:00 ~ 22:00
Monday, Tuesday
Takes Reservations
Accepts Credit Cards

RAW is said to be the most difficult restaurant to reserve in all of Taiwan. The reasons for the restaurant’s constant popularity since its opening in 2014 lie in its putting fresh ingredients to good use in imaginative and creative ways and its menu which breaks the year into 24 micro-seasons.

No. 301, Lequn 3rd Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City
02 8501 5800
周一 休息日
周二 休息日
周三 11:30 ~ 14:30, 18:00 ~ 22:00
周四 11:30 ~ 14:30, 18:00 ~ 22:00
周五 11:30 ~ 14:30, 18:00 ~ 22:00
周六 11:30 ~ 14:30, 18:00 ~ 22:00
周日 11:30 ~ 14:30, 18:00 ~ 22:00
Monday, Tuesday


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The restaurant’s chefs, André Chiang (pictured on the right), Zor Chen (middle), and Alain Huan (left), were all born in Taiwan. André Chiang earned two Michelin stars for his French restaurant in Singapore, Restaurant ANDRÉ, in 2016. The newly opened RAW here in Taiwan was also selected as “The Best Restaurant in Taiwan 2017.”

RAW’s menu consists of only one course. The beautiful plates created together by all three chefs continually surprise and delight customers. And, in the midst of this restaurant’s fusion of refined Taiwanese and French cuisine, Japanese ingredients are being put to great use. Even apples from the Tohoku region, consumption of which had been avoided in Taiwan for a time, have been worked into RAW’s original apple dishes from the chef’s desire to make good use of this delicious fruit. Japanese wasabi and uni (sea urchin) can be found in RAW’s French menu as well. Pasta dishes making use of Japanese shiso leaves and uni are a staple of the restaurant’s menu as well. Chef Alain is quite busy and usually does not speak very much, but his use of the Japanese pronunciation for uni when explaining the restaurant’s ingredients was quite impressive.

The restaurant’s interior was designed based on the theme “Natural and Crafted,” and items of artwork crafted by hand by ship builders from Tainan City are used as decoration here. The course is 1,850 yuan, and a special course known as the “Chef’s Table,” where guests can enjoy their meal in a space right by the kitchen, is a popular party option for 2,680 yuan.

3位主廚均來自台灣,分別是江振誠André Chiang(照片右)、陳將停Zor Chen(中央)、黃以倫Alain Huan(左)。André Chiang創辦的新加坡法式餐廳「Restaurant ANDRÉ」在2016年獲評米其林指南二星餐廳。而這家在台灣開設的RAW日前也被選為2017年的台灣最佳餐廳。

RAW的菜單上僅有1種套餐。隨著季節選用時節食材,3位主廚的精湛技藝所交織而成的絕美排盤,每每帶給造訪的顧客無比的驚豔與喜悅。而且這家超熱門餐廳也將日本的食材巧妙地運用在台灣與法國的高雅融合之中。前一段時期台灣國內曾避免消費日本東北的蘋果,主廚們一心希望能不造成浪費地妥善運用這項食材,最後藉由RAW絕無僅有的創意設計出蘋果的餐點。RAW還將山葵和海膽都結合到了法式餐點之中,選用日本的青紫蘇和海膽製作的義大利麵更是經典。忙碌又不多話的Alain主廚在說明食材時特別用日語發音告訴我們「海膽 (UNI) 」兩個字,令人印象深刻。


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