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2832 SE Belmont, Portland
Wednesday~Sunday18:00 (Dinner starts at 19:00)
Monday and Tuesday, National holidays
$125 ~ $250
Takes Reservations
Accepts Credit Cards

Nodoguro is an establishment serving Japanese cuisine in original courses to guests by reservation only. After opening at its current location in 2016, the restaurant has become quite popular and is almost always fully booked.

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The restaurant has three chef’s choice course menus available that change by the day, including the Japanese Kaiseki banquet-style 13 Course Tasting Menu, which uses local ingredients in abundance, the sushi course, Hardcore Sushi, which brings in fresh seafood from the markets in Tsukiji, Fukuoka and Osaka, and the Super Hardcore course, which adds Satsuma and Matsusaka Beef to the sushi course. Customers can also enjoy drink pairings with their dishes with a focus on Japanese sake.

The establishment’s decor is a modern, northern European-style, making use of Japanese-style elements as well. Doors open at 7 p.m. nightly for a single seating, and the 16 counter seats surrounding the chef are usually all that are used. The bar area in the back, known as The Study, is a place for customers to enjoy drinks while waiting for the meal to begin and can be used as a private room on select days. The seafood and beef to be used in that day’s course meal are presented on lacquered trays before the cooking begins, and customers are informed of the locality of each item.

Ryan Roadhouse, the restaurant’s owner and chef, has been training as a chef specializing in Japanese cuisine only in various locations in the USA, as well as at restaurants and fish markets in Fukuoka, since he was 17. After starting his own restaurant here in Portland, he now focuses his time and effort on providing cuisine to his American customers, which is not scary or strange but rather a creative craft cuisine making the most of Japan’s high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods. The themes of his menus change each month, and he has had quite a few themes with a twist, such as “Twin Peaks” and “Smoke,” in the past. He calls Nodoguro’s style “Kaiseki without rules,” but his heart is clearly set on having his guests genuinely enjoy his cuisine, each piece of which he makes to beautiful perfection right in front of their eyes with an abundance of seasonal local ingredients, with no need for putting on a front.

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