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1880 W Carson St Ste A Torrance, CA
Mon 17:30 ~ 23:30
Tue 17:30 ~ 23:30
Wed 17:30 ~ 23:30
Thu 17:30 ~ 23:30
Fri 17:30 ~ 00:00
Sat 17:00 ~ 23:30
Sun 17:00 ~ 22:30
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Izakaya HACHI is sure to make anyone familiar with izakaya, the Japanese “salaryman”-favorite dining establishment, feel right at home even in far-away Los Angeles. The restaurant’s handmade food gained a favorable reputation among the local Japanese population and quickly became a popular establishment. Now, that reputation has spread to the American population as well and seats fill up daily almost as soon as the restaurant opens.

The fresh fish written on the blackboard inside the restaurant denotes that day’s recommended menu items. Delicious, seasonal ingredients are flown in from all over Japan from locations such as Toyama and Hokkaido with a focus on products from the Kyushu region. Kombu seaweed, bonito flakes, and other ingredients for the restaurant’s Japanese soup stock are brought in from Japan along with other seasonings. The restaurant’s delicious sashimi pairs perfectly with a soy sauce from Ehime Prefecture with a faint sweetness. This naturally brewed soy sauce is a perfect match for the restaurant’s popular beef tongue as well. Tsukune and negima, made from local chicken, and other grilled items are slowly roasted to perfection using only the heat from binchotan high-grade charcoal. Many customers find themselves in a daze from the elegant fragrance of the binchotan charcoal paired with the incredibly juicy flavors of the meat.

This type of cuisine goes perfectly with none other than Japanese sake. The restaurant has a range of sake that has been carefully selected to go perfectly with the fish and meat dishes. Customers can even enjoy a rare sake that only sees 500 bottles released per year and is hard to find even in Japan. Seasonal sake specials make appearances as well, such as hiyaoroshi in the fall and namazake in spring. The restaurant tries to revise its sake selection once every 6 to 8 months in an attempt to continually provide a better selection for its customers. While famous for its cuisine and sake, the establishment is also highly regarded for its scrupulous service.

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