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Sake Bar Ginn 地酒処吟

Unit 4C Ho Lee Commercial Building, 38-44 D'Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong
852 2536 4355
Mon 17:30 ~ 01:00
Tue 17:30 ~ 01:00
Wed 17:30 ~ 01:00
Thu 17:30 ~ 02:00
Fri 17:30 ~ 02:00
Sat 17:30 ~ 02:00
Sun Closed
Takes Reservations
Accepts Credit Cards
Unit 4C Ho Lee Commercial Building, 38-44 D'Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong
852 2536 4355
周一 17:30 ~ 01:00
周二 17:30 ~ 01:00
周三 17:30 ~ 01:00
周四 17:30 ~ 02:00
周五 17:30 ~ 02:00
周六 17:30 ~ 02:00
周日 休息日
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The hideaway Japanese sake bar Ginn opened in a quiet corner of Hong Kong's busiest nightlife district, Lan Kwai Fong, in 2011. The bar offers up over 70 varieties of sake from all over Japan, including junmai daiginjo, daiginjo, junmai ginjo, ginjo, junmai, and honjozo styles, along with a selection of shochu and Japanese whiskey.

The bar's umeshu (plum liqueur) is made with a sake base. Customers unfamiliar with Japanese sake can order a four-glass tasting set from a choice of five varieties, including Dassai from Yamaguchi, Shichida from Saga, Fuchuhomare from Ibaraki, and Narutotai and Houraisen from Tokushima. Customers can also receive advice from the bar's SSI Certified Sake Sommelier who is always on hand to answer questions. Single glass servings are also available, so customers can enjoy sake at their own pace even if they are alone. In addition to the regular menu, there are also seasonal sake specials available which change each week. The bar also holds a number of seasonal events where customers can try a wide variety of different sake, including the Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festival), a wildly popular event in Hong Kong where guests attend wearing yukata (lightweight kimono).

The food menu makes use of a minimalist style in its flavors and uses absolutely zero synthetic seasonings. In place of regular white sugar, the bar uses brown cane sugar from Okinawa. Approximately 80–90 percent of all ingredients and seasonings are brought in from Japan, and, looking to help support Kumamoto Prefecture after the earthquake there, the bar is currently stocking quite a few Kumamoto-produced ingredients. Side dishes for pairing with Japanese sake are best made with Japanese ingredients. The chef and owner’s creations are a taste of Japanese home cooking. Food items are all made fresh daily and no pre-made items are served. Popular menu items include buta-no-kakuni (stewed cubes of pork), satsuma-age straight from Hakata, fried chicken wings with mentaiko sauce, and soused mackerel from Aomori. Firefly squid, considered a delicacy, are available regularly. Inaniwa udon, soba and other noodle dishes are quite popular with the young people of Hong Kong.




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