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Taichung is a place where long-standing Taiwanese confectionery stores rub shoulders with up-and-coming stores. And while there are many traditional stores, Moricaca is garnering popularity as a French confectionery store, handmaking delicacies that incorporate ingredients and techniques from Japan.

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Moricaca’s owner has a background learning to make confectionery in Japan. He opened Moricaca in 2012, together with his business partner, Mr. Hachiya, from Hokkaido whom he met while he was living in Japan. In Taiwan, there is a custom of preparing baked sweets as wedding favors, and also to give thanks when visiting the shrine of Yue Xia Lao Ren, the god of love and marriage. Moricaca’s stylish yet cute confections, created with a Japanese sense of simplicity, has found acclaim among Taiwanese people who have traveled to Japan on many occasions, and are discerning when it comes to the flavor, ingredients and packaging.

Among Moricaca’s selection of fresh and baked sweets, there are also goods available that are flavored with matcha green tea, a taste beloved by people from Taiwan and other countries. Moricaca experimented with many recipes, eventually settling on the use of organically cultivated tea from Shizuoka. For the flour, which is the fundamental ingredient of Moricaca’s treats, they selected fine flour from Kyushu, as it gives the confectionery a more refined texture. Moricaca is also particular in their use of Japanese sweeteners. Both trehalose, which results in a moderate sweetness, and Okinawan cane sugar, which elicits a superior taste compared to other varieties, are also essential ingredients. The cheese cake Double Fromage is Hokkaido style. For seasonal limited edition products, Moricaca is able to procure dairy produce from the partner in Hokkaido.

Since the confections can also be purchased individually, they make a perfect souvenir or teatime accompaniment. Although Moricaca only has the one store in Taichung, products can be delivered all over Taiwan, and a limited selection can also be sent to Hong Kong.




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