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In Taiwan, exchanging gifts of fruit is a popular custom at turning points in the lunisolar calendar and on other special occasions, such as the Mid-Autumn Festival, Ghost Day, and the Chinese New Year. The local climate certainly allows for an abundance of fruit to be grown, but fruit from Japan is especially popular in Taiwan, thanks to its high quality.

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Grand Garden Fruit Market opened in 2015 on Renai Road in Taipei, a street lined with upscale condominiums. Grand Garden deals exclusively in fresh, high-quality produce from Japan, Taiwan, and New Zealand. This upscale fruit market has a style and uncompromising approach that set it apart from the average Taiwanese grocery. Owner Tony Wang is also an ear, nose and throat doctor who believes that fruit has the power to make people happy when given as a get-well gift. He currently travels to Japan upwards of 10 times a year. While there, he interacts and conducts business with producers and suppliers all over the country.

In the summer, you’ll find New Pione and Shine Muscat grapes from Okayama Prefecture, peaches from Yamanashi and Wakayama Prefectures, and melons from Shizuoka and Ishikawa Prefectures. In the winter, the kaki persimmons, apples, and mandarin oranges arrive. Grand Garden’s policy is to offer fresh, seasonal, high-quality fruit from Japan, at the same prices as in Japan, with no delay. Products shipped from Japan in the early morning arrive in Taiwan in the afternoon, and are delivered to the store that evening. As Grand Garden ensures the freshness of its produce, sources it transparently from the producers, and is thorough in its commitment to quality control, it has become the first grocery store in Taiwan to obtain ISO certification. The basement of the store is also equipped with a cold room, for storing various fruit at their proper temperatures. Management of the produce here is painstaking. Grand Garden uses packaging with a unique design.

The paper wrappers here are a soft variety brought in from Japan, as it can’t be found in Taiwan. Everything is treated with a level of care befitting of items people would be delighted to receive as gifts of the highest quality. Products from Grand Garden can be purchased in-store, as well as online from anywhere in Taiwan, through the company’s website or the social media platform Line.




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