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Recently in Taiwan, where matcha green tea used to be avoided due to its reputation for being bitter, sweets and drinks made with matcha green tea are becoming more popular. Based in Kaohsiung, in the southern part of Taiwan, Gozenkamicha has been gaining popularity for its range of ice creams and drinks that are made using matcha green tea from Uji, Kyoto.

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NTD 35~500


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Owner Stan Ao previously operated a clothing shop selling Japanese fashion brands and a cafe in Taiwan. During that time, he traveled back and forth to Japan many times a year and came to know the allure of matcha green tea. He began to adopt it on his cafe menu, eventually starting a store specializing in matcha green tea.

Ao tested many different recipes using matcha green tea from all over Japan, and now uses Morihan matcha green tea from Uji, Kyoto. His handmade creations are reasonably priced, such as the matcha soft serve ice cream (NT$80), matcha latte (NT$105), matcha mille crepe (NT$150), and the matcha latte tofu drink (NT$110), in which matcha green tea is united with the tofu distinctive of Taiwan. The matcha sundae (NT$130) is highly recommended. Featuring matcha soft serve ice cream, adzuki beans, matcha jelly, and smooth tofu, one can enjoy a harmony of Japanese and Taiwanese flavors. To accompany the sweets, there is also roasted green tea from Kyoto and green tea with roasted rice from Shizuoka available (NT$50 each, available hot or cold). Understandably, many families and couples also visit Gozenkamicha.

Gozenkamicha is conveniently located right in front of The Grand Hi Lai Hotel, a hotel that has stood in Kaohsiung for a long time. In addition to the locals, it is often visited by tourists and Japanese people living in Kaohsiung. Gozenkamicha also has locations along Yucheng Road, Kaohsiung, and Zhengxing, Tainan, so stop by for a spell when you're in the neighborhood.




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