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SAKA.YA is an unusual Japanese liquor shop in Taiwan, with more than 100 different kinds of sake, shochu, plum wine, etc. for sale, purchased from all over Japan.

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The owner, Mr. Michael Ou, is a chef who is qualified as an SSI “kikisake-shi” sake sommelier and sake instructor, and is also the first Chinese “Master of Sake" tasting specialist. In addition to operating the Japanese tapas restaurant HanaBi ( https://www.tasteofjapan.jp/restaurants/detail/3116 ), he gives lectures to wine sommeliers and actively promotes the spread of sake culture.

SAKA.YA Manager Wu Jia Yu also holds the SSI qualification of "kikisake-shi." Recently, more and more of the younger generation are also said to be developing an interest in sake, as it is increasingly chosen as a gift for celebrating college graduation and for parties. And although people in Taiwan traditionally tended to consider food and drinks as separate affairs, they are increasingly requesting advice on compatibility with food, such as "What kind of sake goes well with hotpot dishes?" There are also many customers visiting from neighboring countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore. The store is highly rated for its rich assortment of products, including those not found in Hong Kong, and meticulous attention to quality by management is guaranteed—its reputation has spread among bloggers.

The product lineup is replaced every two to three months, according to the season and the arrival of new items. Also, in addition to sake cups and glasses, the store sells the fragrance-free, additive-free cosmetic brand Amino Rice (http://www.fukumitsuya.co.jp/cosme/), which is made from rice-ferment filtrate (from sake). It has a growing number of repeat buyers, who love its excellent moisturizing effect and suitability for the Taiwanese environment, where medium or strong air conditioning is used throughout the year.

老闆歐子豪擁有SSI的日本酒侍酒師「唎酒師」、「日本酒學講師」的資格,是首位被認證為品酒專家「酒匠」的華人主廚。目前正一邊經營著日本酒Tapas「HanaBi」 https://www.tasteofjapan.jp/restaurants/detail/3116 ,一邊進行侍酒師的教學,致力於推廣日本酒文化。


每2~3個月會依照季節和新商品上市的情況進貨並更新架上商品。另外,店內也有販售日本酒酒杯和玻璃杯類商品,以及用米發酵液作成的無香料、無添加化妝品「Amino Rice」 http://www.fukumitsuya.co.jp/cosme/,該系列產品由於具有高保濕效果,相當適合一年當中經常會待在冷氣房中的台灣,因此回購率也持續增高中。

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