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The chef-owner, Michael Ou, is a qualified SSI (Sake Service Institute) “kikizake-shi” (sake sommelier) and sake lecturer, and the first ethnic Chinese person to be certified as a “sake-sho” (tasting specialist). While studying abroad in New Zealand, he worked part-time at a Japanese restaurant called Rikka, where he developed a passion for Japanese cuisine and decided to make it his lifelong occupation. After completing his culinary training in Japan and working at a French restaurant for two years, he returned to the world of Japanese cuisine. HanaBi, which opened in Taiwan, offers Japanese sake and dishes that go well with sake in a relaxed atmosphere filled with music for mature audiences such as jazz.

“I want customers to come with the same feelings of excitement and anticipation they get when going to see fireworks (hanabi in Japanese),” says Ou. The “furofuki daikon” (simmered daikon radish dressed with miso) that is imbued with flavor for two days, chicken wings marinated in 11-year-old sauce, and shrimp fried with garlic and butter are highly recommended. In addition to having a selection of seasonal and popular sake, the restaurant also has a number of renowned sake such as Hiroshima’s Special Gold Kamotsuru (NTD2,100), which former US President Obama had during a private dinner with Prime Minister Abe on a visit to Japan.

“I want people to know about the culture of sake and food, and I want them to enjoy it slowly and over a long period of time,” says Ou. He is actively engaged in spreading sake culture by opening a sake retail store called SAKA.YA ( https://www.tasteofjapan.jp/restaurants/detail/3117 ) and giving lectures for wine sommeliers. He has a very friendly personality and can speak Chinese, English, and Japanese, so feel free to ask for recommendations on which sake goes well with the food.

位於中山北路二段,曾為美國大使館建築的對面,便是日式Tapas「HanaBi」充滿綠意的入口。老闆歐子豪擁有SSI(Sake Service Institute)日本酒侍酒師「唎酒師」、「日本酒學講師」的資格,也是華人首位被認定品酒專家「酒匠」的廚師。他在紐西蘭留學時,於日本料理店「立花-Rikka-」打工,發現了日式料理的有趣之處,因此踏上這條道路。在日本學習日料後,轉戰法式料理餐廳2年,才再次投身日本料理的世界。於台灣開幕的「HanaBi」,播放著爵士等成熟的音樂,氣氛令人放鬆,提供有日本酒以及與其搭配的料理。


歐子豪說:「希望能讓大家了解日本酒與料理的文化,並長久地喜愛。」他也開設了日本酒販售店「SAKA.YA」 https://www.tasteofjapan.jp/restaurants/detail/3117 ,並積極舉辦侍酒師講座等活動推廣日本酒文化。平易近人的他能以中文、英文、日文交談,請不必拘謹,多詢問他適合搭配料理的日本酒吧。

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