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鱼银寿司割烹 Uogin

Mon 17:30 ~ 00:00
Tue 17:30 ~ 00:00
Wed 17:30 ~ 00:00
Thu 17:30 ~ 00:00
Fri 17:30 ~ 00:00
Sat 17:30 ~ 00:00
Sun 17:30 ~ 00:00
800 yuan
Takes Reservations
Accepts Credit Cards
周一 17:30 ~ 00:00
周二 17:30 ~ 00:00
周三 17:30 ~ 00:00
周四 17:30 ~ 00:00
周五 17:30 ~ 00:00
周六 17:30 ~ 00:00
周日 17:30 ~ 00:00
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Uogin is the second restaurant for Cheng Shiru, owner of the popular Beijing sushi restaurant Ebisu. https://www.tasteofjapan.jp/restaurants/detail/2522 This one is located in a section of a lane that is a hotspot for Japanese food. It can also accommodate twice as many people as Ebisu, to the delight of regulars. The restaurant seats 36 and has four private rooms. It opened in June 2017, but has already proven to be a great success. The restaurant’s interior is also, of course, the same as Ebisu’s. The main feature here is the counter space. Many of the guests here enjoy having a conversation with Mr. Cheng across the counter. With a design that also cleanly accommodates table seating and private rooms, this fantastic restaurant offers a relaxed yet upscale atmosphere.

Mr. Cheng’s restaurants source many of their ingredients from Japan, including fresh fish, rice, sake, shochu (a Japanese spirit), and seasonings. The approach to ingredients remains the same as ever. In fact, they can now bring in an even greater variety of ingredients, thanks to their growing number of customers. Mr. Cheng’s creative touches are added throughout the seasonal menu items that rotate in and out every day. The devotion to selecting ingredients here is absolute, with an emphasis on providing a sense of the season, whether it’s the time of year for matsutake mushrooms or female snow crab. Ingredient news and pictures are sent out from Mr. Cheng’s personal WeChat (a social media platform that is hugely popular in China) account, so WeChat users can get the latest info on the sushi here anytime. The photos of crab and other fresh seafood that are sent out every day will arouse viewers’ appetites.

The number of customers he serves every day has grown, but Mr. Cheng’s artisanal approach remains unchanged. For the guests who make their way to his restaurants today, he and his staff will once again choose the best fresh fish and steadily prepare delicious dishes.





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