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Mizuba Tea Co. (studio)

3909 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Suite 201. Portland 
Opens at 11:00 a.m. on weekdays (appointment by email required)
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Mizuba Tea Co. is a store specializing in matcha, offering matcha from the Uji region as well as the related utensils. Mizuba has served customers around the United States, with a particularly strong base in Portland and all along the west coast. Their products can be purchased from their online store, at their studio in Portland (appointment required), and at high-end urban supermarkets. You can also enjoy creations such as matcha lattes made with Mizuba matcha at popular spots like bakeries and craft coffee shops.

Mizuba’s cornerstone product of organic matcha is sourced directly from Uji matcha tea farmers owner Lauren Danson met while traveling in Japan. The company has developed five original matcha teas (Daily, HOUSE, Nagomi, Kokoro, and Yorokobi), with consideration given to the differences in flavor that correspond to the growing area and the age of the tea plant. Ms. Danson makes sure to visit Japan every year, in time for the first tea of the season. Mizuba’s Culinary Matcha, a powder packaged in pouches for use in matcha lattes and sweets, is also made entirely from tencha (the tea leaves traditionally used to make matcha powder) grown by the company’s partner farmers in Uji.

Put off by large companies that have tried to capitalize on the growing popularity of matcha in the US by promoting low-quality tea leaves from countries outside of Japan as “matcha,” Ms. Danson places an emphasis on spreading the word about the goodness of real matcha, which is at the center of long-standing traditions. At the same time, in order to give people in the US the opportunity to enjoy matcha at their leisure, Ms. Danson promotes the use of insulated mugs, which allow people to drink matcha tea without having to use utensils such as tea whisks. Mizuba is also actively involved in collaborations with craft food establishments, making chocolate, ice cream, blended salt, and more.

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