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2150 N. Killingsworth St, Portland
Once per month on every third Monday 18:00~/20:00~
$35–$45 Service Charge Included, Drinks Unincluded
Sushi Seafood Meat (Tonkatsu, Sukiyaki...)
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Ippai is a once-a-month pop-up restaurant serving up Japanese home cooking with an abundance of seasonal vegetables. Tickets go on sale online for a dinner with a different theme every month, but the restaurant is quite popular and tickets often sell out just hours after going on sale.

The restaurant’s chef, Jane Hashimawari, is a second generation Japanese-American born in California. She decided to open her own establishment after her experience working as head chef at a number of popular restaurants and Japanese cuisine establishments in Portland. Since 2016, she has been carefully reproducing the flavors of her childhood as a professional, which she learned from her mother and grandmother in her youth. She chose the restaurant’s name, “Ippai,” to represent the happy feeling of being full after a delicious meal at home in her mother’s kitchen—expressed in Japanese as, “onaka ippai!”
She orders special konbu seaweed and katsuobushi (bonito flakes) from Japan to create her special dishes with delicate flavors along with a variety of local seasonal ingredients. Her food is simple, yet healthy and flavorful, and has gained the support of the foodies and health conscious locals of the area.

The set menu changes each time and generally consists of 4 to 5 courses, including appetizers and dessert. Unlike Japanese izakaya pubs, the restaurant focuses mainly on the food it serves. Families with children are welcome as well! Some examples of the various dishes she has served up so far include oden, hand-rolled sushi, osechi cuisine, somen noodles, Japanese-style hamburg steak, kinpiragobo (chopped burdock root in soy sauce), and ohitashi (boiled greens in sauce). Jane says she created this location because there were no restaurants in Portland offering up the Japanese food she wanted to eat. Her goal is to show the true depth of Japanese food culture to the local residents who think that Japanese cuisine only includes items such as sushi, tempura, ramen, teriyaki, and curry.

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