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Edomae Sushi is the most prominent sushi restaurant in Beijing right now, yet the owner/chef, Jiang Bingsheng, had an unusual start. He was so moved by the sushi he ate for the first time in Beijing in the 90s, he went to Japan to study sushi. He trained at a sushi restaurant in Japan for 10 years, ultimately serving as a store manager. At the time, it was rare for a foreigner to serve as a store manager- so much so that he was interviewed by a television station. He returned to Beijing with a goal to spread sushi and Japanese cuisine to China, opening Edomae Sushi in 2006.

The most popular item is tuna. Every week, he imports two Bluefin tunas from Nagasaki, each weighing around 100kg, and prepares them at the restaurant. Jiang happily exclaims, “Lately, many Chinese people know which part of tuna is the best.” Customarily, fish is not eaten raw in China. When the restaurant opened in 2006, people did not easily accept this practice. Now, after 10 years, sushi has become hugely popular in China, and many Chinese people come to the restaurant. Perhaps due to this new trend, a Bluefin tuna breakdown show is very popular. Sometimes he does the show at the restaurant, though he also gets called to do it at various events. While Jiang is happy that sushi and Japanese food culture is gaining awareness, he says that he is determined to do much more.

In addition to managing his restaurant, he is putting his efforts into improving the Japanese food industry in China by organizing cooking contests and standardizing Japanese cuisine. Jiang says, “Being able to objectively assess chef’s skills would be beneficial to the restaurants that hire the chefs and the chefs themselves. It would lead to better food, and further expansion of Japanese food culture.” Jiang’s ambition continues.

在北京众多的的寿司店中现在最火的就是“江户前寿司”。 店主兼主厨姜炳升是一位有着不凡经历的老板。他90年代在北京第一次吃寿司时受到感动,于是萌生了去日本学做寿司的想法。在日本的寿司店学了10年,最后做到了店长的位子。当时外国人店长是极少的,因此电视台都会去做采访。他胸怀将寿司和日本料理在中国发扬光大的抱负回到北京,于2006年创立了江户前寿司。



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