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Cocktails from 300NTD. Minimum Charge: 350NTD/Pax
Accepts Credit Cards
周一 20:00 ~ 02:00
周二 20:00 ~ 02:00
周三 20:00 ~ 02:00
周四 20:00 ~ 02:00
周五 20:00 ~ 02:00
周六 20:00 ~ 02:00
周日 20:00 ~ 02:00
雞尾酒300元~ 最低消費350元/每人
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Owner Tomoaki Inaba, a qualified Japanese sake sommelier, opened the Wa-Shu bar in 2012 with the intention of conveying his fascination with sake to the people of Taiwan. He also has 12 years of experience working in Japan, 5 years in the United Kingdom, and experience working at a distillery in Scotland as well. 99% of the liquor at Wa-Shu is produced in Japan, and customers can enjoy original cocktails made with Taiwanese fruits such as mango, watermelon, starfruit, and banana. The base liquor and flavorings for each cocktail are all of Japanese origin. The bar’s price range is also quite reasonable for the East District.

Wa-shu provides a variety of Japanese liquors, including whiskey, sake, wine, brandy, rum, and shochu. The bar’s selection of Japanese whiskey is the largest in Taipei. Following the motto “Simple is Best,” much like a sushi chef, the aim here is to let the flavors of each ingredient shine by keeping mixers to a minimum in each cocktail. Each cocktail focuses on a single flavor—there can be only one leading role. The sommelier finds the perfect liquor to pair with each flavor in order to let that flavor shine. Rather than make each cocktail by request, Inaba prefers to create rare cocktails specific to Wa-Shu and continually seeks to devise new creations to please his customers.

Wa-shu boasts quite the extensive menu, but each item is kept simple with entries like “Yuzu” and “Peanut Butter.” This is to capture the interest of the customer and have them ask questions like, “What’s this one like?” or “How is this cocktail made?” For example, “Peanut Butter” is paired with whiskey and strained through a coffee filter to create a clean finished product. “Yuzu Sour Style” (300NTD) uses 100% frozen, concentrated yuzu juice from Kochi Prefecture in Japan blended with vodka, apple juice, and topped with an egg white. Feel free to ask the bartender anything you like about these surprising and unpredictable mixes, including the secrets behind each hidden flavor and any other questions you may have.


威士忌、日本酒、紅酒、白蘭地、蘭姆酒、燒酒等日本產酒類一應俱全。日本產威士忌的種類數,更是在台北首屈一指。當店的信念是Simple is the best,就像壽司師傅力求充分發揮素材的原味,雞尾酒的口味也講究單純。Focus one flavor,專精一種味道,而持續尋找能夠襯托調味美味的酒類。比起單純製作顧客所需的調酒,我們更希望能推出日式酒類專屬的珍貴調酒,並隨時創造能讓顧客接受的各式新口味。


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