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風小路 Kazekomichi

Tuesday-Saturday 17:30~23:00 Last order21:45
Sunday 17:30~22:00 Last order 21:00
Monday, First Sunday
From 800NTD Minimum charge: 400NTD per person

Run by Mr. and Mrs. Wakimoto from Japan, this is a Japanese restaurant where you can feel the warmth of the wooden surroundings. In this neighborhood, which is home to a large number of cafes and bars, the serene, unmistakably Japanese look of Kazekomichi catches the eye. Many Taiwanese families and Japanese residents of Taiwan frequent Kazekomichi, drawn in by the personality of the Wakimotos, the restaurant’s friendly, hand-crafted ambiance, and the food, including the “Daily Specials” that are made with fresh ingredients the proprietors procure at the market every day.

週二~週六 17:30~23:00 最後點餐時間 21:45,週日 17:30~22:00 最後點餐時間 21:00
800元~ 最低消費400元/每人


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As for sake and shochu (a Japanese spirit usually distilled from rice, barley, or sweet potatoes) to pair with the fresh, seasonal dishes here, Hakkaisan (960NTD), Dassai (1,680NTD), and Yukidoke (1,000NTD) are popular choices. Apparently, many Taiwanese guests also opt for Sakura Shiranami (1,300NTD) or Tenson Korin (1,300NTD). Recently, sake has become increasingly popular among the people of Taiwan. People with shochu bottles are also a more and more common sight here.

The Whitebait Rice Bowl (140NTD) makes a great follow-up to a drink. White rice polished at New Taipei’s Tawaraya Rice Mill, which brings the rice of Niigata to Taipei, is cooked in the pressured confines of a Japanese rice cooker and topped entirely with made-in-Japan flavors, including whitebait, shiso, katsuobushi (dried skipjack tuna), and nori (edible seaweed). The whitebait found around Taiwan are on the larger side, so Kazekomichi makes a point of sourcing whitebait from Japan in order to provide a gentle texture and mild flavor along with the white rice.

Kazekomichi is a Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy sake from Japan along with Japanese cuisine that reflects the season, the conditions out on the sea, and the weather that day. Mrs. Aiko Wakimoto keeps the restaurant running in cheerful fashion. Ask her, and she will tell you in detail about the contents of the Daily Special, her reasons for recommending it, and the sake that will pair well with your dish.

搭配當季新鮮料理的日本酒與燒酒則以「八海山」(960元)、「獺祭」(1,680元)、「雪どけ (yuki doke)」」(1000元)受到歡迎。「さくら白波 (sakura shiranami )」(1300元)與「天孫降臨」(1300元)據說也是台灣人常飲用的酒款。最近喝日本酒的台灣人增加,寄存整瓶燒酒的人也愈來越多。



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