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小器梅酒屋 Xiao Qi Umeshuya

450 NTD~2300 NTD
Accepts Credit Cards

Xiao Qi Umeshuya was opened by the “Xiao Qi Group,” based in Taipei and specializing in Japanese dining utensils and kitchen utensils as well as Japanese cuisine. The origin of the shop lies in the owner’s desire to spread the love of Japanese plum wine to Taiwan. Located on Chifeng Street, a street lined with unique cafes, boutiques and hair salons, visitors will immediately recognize it as a Japanese liquor shop by the sign at the entrance.



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The shop normally stocks over 100 varieties of plum wines, fruit wines and other spirits hailing from distilleries from Tohoku to Okinawa. In Taiwan’s hot weather, drinks with a hint of saltiness are often the way to go, and Kitajima Shio Umeshu (950 NTD/bottle), made with sea salt from Shiga Prefecture and featuring a refreshing sweetness, is popular in the summer. One winter favorite is the full, rich flavor of Hoteifuku Umeshu (1,190 NTD/bottle), made by a distillery specializing in brandies. The staff at the shop is happy to teach customers about the various characteristics of the plum wines on offer as well how to best enjoy them.

The counter normally features four different plum wines available for tasting. The varieties on offer are rotated every one to two weeks based on the time of year and available stock. With the popularity of Japanese fruits throughout East Asia, a wide variety of fruit wines, such as those made from yuzu and mandarin orange, are also stocked. Locally, the sophistication of “Made in Japan” plum wines and the cuteness of the fruit wine labels are also one factor that draws admirers.

“Many of our customers are Taiwanese women, and we also get customers who have heard about us and come in from places like Hong Kong and mainland China,” says the owner. Even during this interview, there was a steady flow of female Taiwanese customers entering the shop, to whom the staff attentively suggested products based on the tastes and budget of each.




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