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燒酒Bar五右衛門 Goemon

18:00–2:30 Last Order:1:00 
Sunday, January 1st, Lunar New Year

When the people of Taipei think “shochu,” they immediately think of Shochu Bar Goemon. Just as the bar’s name implies, it is a bar with a long history and has an extensive selection of Japanese shochu to choose from, including almost 100 different varieties.

18:00~2:30 最後點餐時間1:00

若提到「燒酒」,住在台灣的人腦海中首先想到的就是「燒酒BAR 五右衛門」。店如其名,是一間經常備有100種左右日本産燒酒的老字號店家。

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The owner, Kaori Ishida, came to Taiwan to study language after working as a cook in Japan. After working for several years as a cook at a Japanese restaurant in Taipei City, she ended up buying Goemon, a bar at which she had become a regular, from its previous owner thanks to a combination of her connections and an unexpected conversation. The bar’s name, Goemon, comes from a character in the famous Japanese comic Lupan the Third.

Among the almost 100 varieties of barley, rice, and potato shochu, Kaori particularly recommends the potato shochu “Seikoudoku” from Kagoshima (2,300NTD/bottle), the rice shochu “Mai” from Kumamoto (2,000NTD/bottle), and the brown cane sugar shochu “Rento” from Amami (2,000NTD/bottle). “Sakura Shiranami” from Kagoshima (2,000NTD/bottle) is known for being produced to fit Taiwanese specifications by taking the portion of shochu from the same casks in Japan that fits Taiwanese import standards.

Among the almost 100 varieties of barley, rice, and potato shochu, Liquor sales are not only by the bottle, and customers can order a variety of liquors as shots (from 200NTD) as well. The bar provides a variety of other Japanese liquors as well, including sake, beer, and whiskey.

Goemon offers a menu of side dishes with homemade flavors with 40 to 50 varieties to choose from. Japanese seasonings are used wherever possible, including in the shop’s Nikujaga (meat and potato stew, 200NTD), which boasts whole, large potatoes that don’t fall apart in the boil and become surprisingly soft while soaking up all of the wonderful flavors of the broth. Iburigakko (smoked daikon pickles, 100NTD) from Kaori’s hometown of Fukui are also a highly popular item.


在近100種包含麥、米、芋類等各種燒酒中,特別推薦的是鹿兒島的芋燒酒「晴耕雨讀」(每瓶2,300元)、熊本的米燒酒「舞」(每瓶2,000元)與奄美的黑糖燒酒「RENTO(れんと)」(每瓶2,000元)。鹿兒島的「櫻白波」(每瓶 2,000元)則以適合台灣的款式為人所知,是將日本同個酒桶所釀造的芋燒酒萃取出符合台灣進口標準的燒酒。



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