「WASHOKU Treasure」

「WASHOKU Treasure」

WASHOKU Treasure – The Platform for Rare Japanese Food Samples

Authentic ingredients produced in Japan are indispensable for making delicious Japanese cuisine. However, obtaining Japanese produce can be a complicated affair due to country-specific laws, logistics costs, and other hurdles. Also, it can be difficult to find reliable information about the large variety of Japan-made ingredients available.

How can popular restaurants and retail shops with an attractive selection of goods overcome these barriers to entry, and start using authentic Japanese food and ingredients in their products?

Enter "WASHOKU Treasure", a cross-border e-commerce service platform specializing in Japan-produced food and ingredients.


Although Japan produces an abundance of seasonal food all year round, most of these foods do not have an international presence due to complicated export laws. Our platform allows overseas food business operators to order from a selection of about 500 sample ingredients they may have been interested in but never had a chance to try, even the ones that haven’t made it overseas in full, yet.

Our listings mainly cater to food business operators in Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, the U.S., France, and Australia. Especially popular among them are the sake, teas, and processed seafood such as fish fillets that can rarely be found in overseas markets.

Taste samples of authentic Japanese food and ingredients for yourself that even native Japanese have seldom tried, by searching for and ordering them through the "WASHOKU Treasure" platform.


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WASHOKU Treasure Business Support: info@washokutreasure.com

Operated by The Japanese Food and Ingredient Supply Chain Platform Consortium

* WASHOKU Treasure is subsidized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) of Japan's export promotion strategy (as part of efforts to expand exports and create demand by communicating the appeal of Japanese food and food culture to the world).
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