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What is a Japanese Food Supporter?

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  • What is a Japanese Food Supporter?
    Restaurants and retail shops that actively deal with food and alcohol produced in Japan* are certified to be Japanese Food Supporters. We request shops to display the supporter logo so that people who are interested in Japanese food can find the shops easily. If you spot the logo, please go in and enjoy the taste of quality items made in Japan.
  • The experience that Japanese Food Supporter shops offer
    • If you go to a supporter shop, you will be able to encounter delicious Japanese ingredients and get to know their charm and characteristics.
    • In the restaurants, you can taste dishes made with ingredients produced in Japan. In sake specialty shops, you can enjoy Japanese alcohol*.
    • In retail shops, you can get Japanese ingredients that are guaranteed to be safe, secure and of high quality.
    • Food produced in Japan refers to agricultural, forestry and fishery ingredients produced in Japan or processed foods that have been manufactured or processed in Japan.
    • Alcohol produced in Japan refers to alcohol that has been manufactured in Japan.
  • Number of accredited shops
    3,439 (As of November 2018) Shops featured on this website:3,088
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